Free Resources


Basic Dog Needs

Work through this document to make sure your dog has a comfortable, fulfilling and enriched life.

Canine Body Language

Is your dog really liking a situation, or could they annoyed and close to biting? Learn to read and understand your dog.

Play With Your Dog

Game ideas to build a great relationship!

Training With Your Dog

How does your dog learn? How do we decide which training approach to do when?

Dog Gear Recommendations

What items are necessary for my dog? Which harness works best? Check out my recommendations for your basic dog needs.

Leash Skills

How can you use your dog's lead to gently communicate, give them freedom and be safe in an emergency?

Dog Home Alone Program

This is a program which helps your dog learn how to cope with being home alone.

How To Break Up A Dog Fight

Defensive handling skills and knowing how to break up a dog fight is very important. Webinar found here: