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Dog Training

When working together we can form an amazing bond between you and your dog and help with the following:​

  • Aggression, fear or reactivity towards humans or other animals

  • Separation anxiety

  • Raising a puppy

  • Settling dogs after rehoming

  • Multi dog/animal households

  • House training

  • Socialising

  • Manners

  • Walking

  • Recall

  • Excessive barking, digging and more

  • Becoming comfortable with handling, grooming and vet visits

  • Shaping a confident and relaxed dog


Dog Reactive Kelly

Great progress using positive reinforcement training!

Kelly would show aggression towards dogs outside of his family. We have turned him from stressed and anxious to relaxed and confident. We used desensitisation, counter conditioning, training calm behaviours, working with well socialised dogs, and vet prescribed anti-anxiety medication.


Loose Lead Walking With Bailey

20 minutes of positive reinforcement training

Bailey was a puller! He would have his head down and pull so hard it would sometimes look like a frog jumping! Using fun games and positive reinforcement Bailey learnt he could still have a good time while walking next to his human.


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