Dog Training with Amy Garden

Using positive, science based, fear free training methods, I can help you and your dog overcome many difficulties and lead a happier life together. Your dog will be eagerly wanting to work with you and choose appropriate behaviours.

I specialise in dog aggression, fear and anxiety. I can also help with multi animal households, walking on lead, general manners, barking, digging, handling, puppies and more.

I myself have five rescue dogs who have happily chosen to work with me to overcome various forms of aggression, anxiety and other problematic behaviours. Their lives are now greatly improved and they're living their best years.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Dog Aggression Master Course

  • Behavior Adjustment Trainer for reactivity

  • Completing a Certificate IV in Domestic Animal Behavior through the Delta Institute

  • Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia

  • Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia

  • Member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  • Dog behavior assessor with ACT Rescue and Foster


Dog Reactive Kelly

Great progress using positive reinforcement training!

Kelly would show aggression towards dogs outside of his family. We have turned him from stressed and anxious to relaxed and confident. We used desensitisation, counter conditioning, training calm behaviours, working with well socialised dogs, and vet prescribed anti-anxiety medication.


Loose Lead Walking With Bailey

20 minutes of positive reinforcement training

Bailey was a puller! He would have his head down and pull so hard it would sometimes look like a frog jumping! Using fun games and positive reinforcement Bailey learnt he could still have a good time while walking next to his human.